Can We Help You Help Us?

We never tire of the popular mantra "Quality over Quantity". We apply it to all aspects of our business, including recruitment and hiring. Inside Vibe, you will enjoy opportunities that include taking responsibility for and getting involved in a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from mobile campaigns and proprietary web and mobile technologies. Your personal development is important to our growth therefore we heavily support our employees' individual needs by regularly defining each person's skills and potential.

The Vibe Recruitment Process

Recruitment at Vibe is designed to review the candidates for each position in a way that is most beneficial to that particular position. To get a well-rounded idea of your skills and experience, we involve several people from our business, creative and development teams in the evaluation process. If you feel you have the right qualifications and experiences to be apart of our family, be prepared for a thorough work-up of interviews and reviews of your resume, your portfolio, your background and your references. During the interview process, Vibe focuses on relaxing you and getting to know the real person behind the paperwork and the work samples.

If you have any questions about the Recruitment process or want to apply, please contact the HR department via